SOC 119 Full Lecture - Class #4: Taking It to the Streets (Part 2)

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Welcome to the recording of the Soc 119 live stream, an innovative Sociology course taught by Dr. Sam Richards at The Pennsylvania State University. This video was recorded on Penn State’s University Park Campus on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Sam creates an engaging participatory classroom environment to allow students from every background to step into worlds other than their own. He also invites YOU to join from wherever you are and he welcomes your personal viewpoint.

Class happens on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:35-5:50 pm Eastern Standard Time on Twitch. To find your local time go to and enter "State College, PA" and then your local major city. Full class lectures are available within 24 hours of class happening on Twitch. Reflection videos are released on Monday & Friday afternoons. The Soc 119 Podcast, “You Can’t Say That”, is Fridays at 12 pm EST.

Feel free to participate in the chat space on Twitch, comment section on YouTube, and interact with students in the classroom by using the #soc119 hashtag on Twitter. But please be kind. Remember, this is a classroom.

Did you watch an ad before today’s video? That’s because our YouTube channel is partnered! But don’t worry… Sam isn’t trying to make millions on YouTube. We use the money from our YouTube Channel to pay for free trade t-shirts for stream team members, paying for new equipment, etc. If we have a surplus of money from the YouTube Channel, we donate the remaining money to our Brazil/Haiti projects. Have any questions? Email

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