Establishing Agile interactions Company-wide using Tension as a Guide

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We talk to Matthias Lang from "dwarfs and Giants" about his experiences building and teach tools for healthy interactions across all levels and areas of companies.

If you interested in how to handle Resistance, this session is for you!

His experiences draws from Sociocracy and Holacracy, and the vast array of tools they offer for surfacing points of tension, and how to design better working models as a result.

Read Mattias' blog post "Death by too many great ideas!"

Flight Club is hosted by Klaus Leopold and Cliff Hazell

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0:00 Welcome Matthias and Introductions
6:57 What is Tension?
8:57 Explicit and Implicit - How to surface Tension
11:35 Seeing different perspectives
14:35 What is Holacracy
18:41 How language helps us clarify intentions
23:36 The importance of Psychological safety with Flight Levels
27:18 Soft Skills are Hard, and super important
28:39 How can we convince people
33:49 Be sure to ask for Question, Reactions and Objections
38:33 Top 3 sources of Tension
43:32 How to "un-shutup" people
49:21 How to handle critical situations
51:45 How to start when people fear loosing their job
58:21 Continue your journey with Flight Levels Academy
1:001:15 Tip for folks starting out
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